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The new closing date is the 25th May 2013!

In anticipation of our “Wie.MAI.KAI 2013” convention, we announce our Fan Art Drawing Contest with great prizes to be won.

Topic: “Expedition into the Unknown”

zwb2013_teaserbildBe it deepest jungle, vast oceans, burning deserts, frozen wastes – or strange worlds and cultures – explore the unknown!
In our two Wie.MAI.KAI mascots, the maid (1|2) and the snail (see page header), the spirit of discovery has awoken. The two are embarking on an Expedition into the Unknown – but where will their journey take them? Tell us in this year’s drawing contest! Show us with your illustrations where their expedition is taking them and what adventures they experience there.

As always, our two mascots must be present on your art work. That said, there is no limit to your imagination and you can have them travel wherever you like.

All drawing and painting techniques are allowed, no matter whether you prefer to use pencil, crayons, aquarelle, or digital painting.

Thanks to  WacomFaber-Castell,  Copic CiaoGraphMasterTokyopopEgmont MangaAnime House we can again offer great prizes to this year’s winners:



Wacom provides 3 Bamboo Manga Tablets. The Special Edition of the popular pen and multi-touch tablets Bamboo Pen & Touch combines hardware with a high quality software pack consisting of Manga Studio Debut 4 andAnime Studio Debut 8.

Faber-Castell provides 10 times the Chinese ink pen set 8 PITT artist pens Manga Basic from the “PITT artist pen” product series.

GraphMaster provides up to 240 GraphMaster Markers – the brilliant product series with 60 high-quality alcohol-based Graphic markers with two stroke widths.

COPIC ciao again partakes with 5x 5+1 pen sets. Furthermore the Tokyopop instructional books “Comic Schule” and “Farblehre” by Selena Lin can be won, as well as additional terrific prizes from Egmont and Anime House!

The winners will be announced at the Wie.MAI.KAI 2013 convention (probably on Sunday, 2nd of June), and subsequently on our web site. The jury consists of members of the organisation staff.

Have fun!Conditions of Participation:

  • Pictures submitted to the contest must be created specifically for this contest und must not be, nor have been, published before.
  • Both the Maid and the Snail must be present on the picture
  • Pictures can be submitted via e-mail (max. 20MB .zip file), or letter post (snail mail), labelled with name, address, age and a valid e-mail address.
  • Pictures submitted by letter post can be retrieved at our convention. For a return consignment, please enclose sufficient postage stamps.
  • Closing date is the 20th of May, 2013 NEW date 25th of May, 2013
  • For the participation to be valid and for the winner to be contactable, participants must state their name, age, address, valid e-mail address and/or telephone number.
  • Each contestant may submit as many pictures as they like, but for each participant a maximum of one picture will be awarded a prize!
  • Announcement of the winners and presentation of the prizes takes place on the
  • Wie.MAI.KAI 2013 on the 1st or 2nd of June. Winners unable to attend personally will of course receive their prize via letter mail.
  • Attendance of the Wie.MAI.KAI is not required for the successful participation in the contest.
  • Participation from outside of Germany is permitted!


Please send your submissions to the following address:


And now fort the typical small print::

  • By submitting a picture to the contest, each participant declares that they have designed it by themselves without outside help. In case of fraud, or attempted fraud, we reserve the right for us to eliminate the participant without giving reasons. With e-mail submissions, we reserve the right for us to be shown the original art work, when required.
  • The participant declares their agreement that their art work and name will be made public for the purpose of the contest and on the web site after the conclusion of the contest (surname will be given in initials, unless requested otherwise).
  • The participant declares their agreement that their picture may not be used for commercial purposes (e.g. exhibition on public events, websites, print and online media).
  • The participant declares their agreement that their personal data will be electronically recorded and saved for the purpose of the implementation and execution of the contest. There will be no further utilisation of the participant’s personal data, or transfer thereof to third parties.
  • Payout of the value of the prize in cash is not possible.
  • Possible alteration of the prize assortment reserved.
  • The contest is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • All decisions are final. There is no right of appeal. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.